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  • From: Matthew King

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Matthew King

It's a proven fact that being able to rank in Google, Bing, and Yahoo is 10x easier for a local business.    The first SEO Company I ever worked with over 6 years ago told me that, and it still holds true to this day.   

That's where I can help you out.   Using simple online sales strategies such as updating your sales copy, using paid ads, and having social media engagement, you can easily find yourself ranked #1, and find your business status has turned to celebrity status, henceforth positioning yourself for higher margins and higher profits. 

"First Step is To Create a Plan"

Many online businesses (or offline businesses attempting to take their products and services online), do not understand the power of online list building.    

This one process takes a little effort and planning, but once you get it, you'll be able to build your online clientele one name at a time (and much quicker than you would think).   Once you have your plan, your products strategically positioned, and your list in place, then the fun begins.   This is where you will begin to make tons of money using your online presence!

Crafting Your Interactive Offer

I'm going to show you how to craft and structure your presell offer for maximum profit and value.  The way you build an online business, (or offer your offline services in an online environment), can be done with a few short and simple strategy sessions as we design a solid plan of action that could in fact get you found online in as little as a day or two.    

Here are some of the strategies I will help you to implement or implement for you using our team of professional and highly educated online internet marketers:

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Matthew King